Friday, June 3, 2011

Shelter Remains Open; Volunteers Continue to Respond to House Fires

Flood waters may have receded in Central Vermont, but many families have been devastated. The Red Cross shelter remains open at the Barre Auditorium and work is underway with our partners to help identify long-term soloutions for those whose lives have been turned upside-down.

The people of Barre, Berlin, Montpelier, St. Johnsbury and other affected communities join neighbors across Northern Vermont who are still coping with elevated water levels. All in all, the unprecedented rain of the past few months has brought a level of devastation to our area that hasn't been seen in many, many years.

American Red Cross volunteers and staff have responded tremendously to the demands placed on them over the past two months, starting with the Brooks House fire in Brattleboro on April 17th. With all that has gone on with the major events, volunteers continue to respond to house and apartment fires just as always. Last night, members of the Central Vermont Disaster Action Team led the Red Cross response to a fire in Graniteville, Vermont. Volunteers provided both mass care to first responders, including beverages for hydration and 200 sandwiches, but also opened 4 case files to assist the families displaced by the apartment fire.

A big thank you to all of our volunteers and to those in the community who have provided support to our disaster relief efforts. We could not accomplish what we do without the in-kind gifts and financial contributions of our supporters or the hard work of our volunteer corps that helps carry out the American Red Cross mission.

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