Friday, July 1, 2011

First Lady Michelle Obama Visits Vermont

Members of the Vermont Guard and other Vermonters serving in the military, along with their families, had a special visit from First Lady Michelle Obama yesterday. The Vermont & the New Hampshire Valley American Red Cross was there to help. Introductions of the First Lady were made by Marcelle Leahy (seated to the First Lady's right with her husband Senator Patrick Leahy) and Vermont's Adjutant General, and VT & the NH Valley Red Cross board member, Michael Dubie (to First Lady's right).

In preparation for the event, the Guard contacted Service to Military Families Volunteer Randy Zeno and requested that the Red Cross provide support through a water station to help keep the hundreds assembled hydrated. Pictured at left with Randy Zeno (second from the right) are (L to R) volunteers Jack McNight, Tonya Hannon, Jesse Hannon and Hugh Williams.

Service to the Armed Forces is part of the core mission of the American Red Cross. We proudly assist with emergency communications, health and welfare inquiries and provide emergency financial assistance. Each year, 1000's of members of the military and their families attend events in our region at which the Red Cross participates to ensure that the services we provide are known to all.

At times throughout the year, the Red Cross is also called upon to lend a hand with special events such as yesterday's visit by the First Lady. It was an honor for our volunteers, like Hugh Williams (pictured right), to help yesterday and every day.