Monday, November 14, 2011

3 Fires in 3 Days

The past three days have shown the strength of our volunteer corps. In each of the VT & the NH Valley Region's three chapters, a Disaster Action Team (DAT) was called out to assist families displaced by fire.

Two families in St. Johnsbury, a mother and her two children in East Thetford and a family of 7 in Shaftsbury were all left homeless in the wake of three devastating fires in just a 72 hours. In response to each, a DAT team was in contact with the families and help provided.

The assistance, whether it is lodging or financial, is just a part of what disaster victims receive. The compassion, caring and understanding that the disaster services volunteers bring to their work is often just as valuable. In addition, the experience of our volunteers ensures that referrals are made to the appropriate local and state agencies, as well as other voluntary organizations, that will help the affected inviduals and families get back on their feet.

So, a big thank you to each of the responding DAT members and to all Red Cross volunteers who are ready to help their neighbors and communities.