Wednesday, September 1, 2010

From the Disaster Operations Center Watch Room - Hurricane Earl

Hurricane Earl Tracking Map
Here on the Watch Floor at the Regional Disaster Operations Center we continue to monitor Hurricane Earl and Tropical Storm Fiona as they both make their way up the Atlantic. 

But we're doing more than watching.  We are also making e-mail and phone contacts with all of our volunteer personnel requesting information on their availability for the next few weeks and are readying equipment resources so we are prepared to deploy them should they be needed.  A team of two drivers has been recruited for the Burlington based  Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV) and we are in the process of recruiting personnel to deploy with the Rutland based ERV should either of these vehicles be needed. 

We continue to review our preparedness plans and procedures confirming that we are prepared to meet the needs in Vermont and the New Hampshire Valley should either of the storms move a little more to the west and have a direct impact on our region.

As can be expected, information is essential during events like these and the number of conference calls required to keep everyone on the same page picks up quite considerably.  This time is no different and personnel in Disaster Services, Fund Raising, Public Affairs and others have been actively engaged in these discussions.

We will continue to share information as it becomes available here on our blog.  Stay tuned.