Monday, December 19, 2011

5 Fires In 1 Weekend

The winter months usually prove the most eventful for our disaster services volunteers and if this weekend is any indicator, this pattern is set to repeat itself. In just two days, volunteers on our Disaster Action Teams across the region responded to 5 disasters.

A fire in Canaan, NH met with tragic results with the death of one person. Our volunteers reached out to the survivor of that tragedy to ensure that in addition to traditional services, such as lodging, food and clothing, they knew that we could offer disaster health and mental health services. The other four responses, ranging from a mobile home fire to a multi-family dwelling to a boiler explosion, brought devastating results to 7 families in just a two day period.

With generous support of donors and tireless work of volunteers, we were able to let all of the affected families and individuals know that their community, through the work of the Red Cross, is their with some support. If you want to be part of this response, either as a volunteer or a donor, contact us at 802-660-9130.