Thursday, December 8, 2011

Shelter Initiative Receives Generous Boost

This is the time of year in which Sentinel Investments traditionally thanks its top producing representatives with a gift. Well, we all know that this has not been your average year. The Montpelier-based asset managment firm knows just how devastated its home state has been by natural disasters, first with the record-breaking spring flooding and then the historic destruction of Tropical Storm Irene.

Foregoing the gifts that they would distribute to their representatives, Sentinel has made an investment in preparedness here in Vermont. With a gift of $15,000, Sentinel has given their support for the local community shelter initiative being undertaken by the Vermont & the New Hampshire Valley American Red Cross.

The shelter initiative, which was an idea already under consideration before Irene, came quickly into focus when the widespread,destructive forces of Irene demonstrated a need for heighten levels of community preparedness. While the Red Cross opened up 13 shelters across the region, some sheltering needs could not be immediately addressed.

Now, the Vermont & the New Hampshire Valley American Red Cross intends to provide shelter equipment and training to Vermont's 251 communities and the 12 we serve in New Hampshire's Upper Valley. The idea is that every town will have some capacity to shelter its residents and the ability to deploy those assets until the help of the Red Cross and others can arrive.

Thank you to Sentinel for their generosity and foreshight to help build a stronger future for Vermont and New Hampshire's Upper Valley.